Poor Websites Will Be The Catalyst For The Failure Of Many KBB Retailers

There’s no denying that the headline for this article is a bold one, but as bold as it may be, it contains the truth. Read on and we’ll explain our predictions for the failure of many Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom retailers, and what you can do about it before it’s too late…

If you’re a regular reader of the Flo blog, you’ll have heard all about the big shift in the way people buy their kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Twenty years ago the process of buying a kitchen started with the inception of the idea (probably triggered with the realisation that dark brown and avocado green were finally things of the past) and a car ride to the local kitchen showroom. Once at the showroom, a conversation would have been had, a design would have been created, and a decision would have been made.

Whether for good or for bad, things have undeniably changed, and the difference between today and twenty years ago is choice. People now have more choice than ever before. They’re now used to having choice, and they demand choice. Without choice, people start to experience frustration. It’s a necessity that people have choice, and no longer a ‘nice to have’. In a world where we can open an app on our phone and have instant access to hundreds of different meals from all sorts of global cuisines (and then get those meals delivered to our front door by a guy on a bike), people are really starting to expect choice and convenience.

“It’s all very well explaining the ins and outs of Deliveroo, but what has that got to do with my KBB retail business?” The answer? It’s got everything to do with it.

The seismic shift that is happening in the KBB industry is this: People are no longer heading straight to a showroom to look at new interiors. They are doing it in their living rooms, on an iPad. Yesterday’s ‘trudging around 5 showrooms on a Saturday’ is today’s ‘surfing the web’.

Not Placing Enough Importance On Websites Will Be The Catalyst For The Failure Of Many KBB Retailers


Your prospects now have the tools at their fingertips to be able to find out exactly what they want from the comfort of their own living room – before even setting foot in a showroom. They decide what kitchen or interior they want, and once they’ve agreed on a style, they then create a shortlist of companies that they trust to reach their desired solution.

So, how does your prospect select a KBB retailer?

This will be based on a few things, but mostly it will come down to how much they trust your brand based on what they’ve seen from your website and online presence. Trust is built in various ways, but design, style, imagery, branding, functionality, information (content), case studies, social media presence, awards, reviews, affiliations and testimonials will all come into it.

But this isn’t a lesson in HOW to create a website that entices prospects to enquire with you. This is a lesson in WHY you are likely to need a new website.

How to do it is easy, and we’ve written numerous blog posts on creating a website that you can read here:

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The why part seems to be the bit that most KBB retailers are struggling with…

‘Why should I invest in a new website?’
‘Mine is only three years old’.
‘We’re constantly tweaking and updating it’.

The issue for most people here is that they are too emotionally attached to their website. They’ve put so much work into it over the years that the thought of changing it doesn’t even bear thinking about. Does this sound familiar?

The truth is, if your website isn’t converting visitors into hard enquiries (whether webform submissions or telephone calls), then you’re in real trouble. If you think of your prospect sitting at home in their armchair comparing your website against your competitors, who are they going to choose? If it’s your competitor’s site 90% of the time, then you have real problems…

And that’s why investing in a new website is the inescapable conclusion to all of this.

We’re blessed to work in an industry with high sales values and healthy margins. For example, if we take a kitchen business that makes an average sale of £10,000 and takes a 30% margin, it’s only going to take 2 customers to be able to afford a new website, and 3 customers of you want to splash out.

And, to stay with that example, if your new website converts an extra 10 visitors a month into web enquiries, that may mean two more kitchens, adding £6,000 profit to your bottom line every month and £72,000 annually, all for an approximate £6,000 outlay on a new website.

So, we hope that resonates with you. We’re here to provide as much value as possible to KBB retailers all over the UK, and that’s why we’re now creating websites for many of our clients. These websites not only look great, but are built to convert visitors into enquiries to help your business grow.

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