Fact: Returning Visitors Are Key To More Enquiries

If you’re a regular reader of our emails and blog posts, you’ll know that we champion remarketing. If you’re new to remarketing, it’s essentially the practice of showing adverts to people who have already visited your website. It’s very cheap, and VERY effective.

But how effective is remarketing really?

It’s a good question. How valuable is remarketing to a KBB business in today’s world? Is it worth the time, budget and effort to implement?

The answer is unequivocally ‘yes, it’s worth the small-time investment to implement’. Without a doubt, remarketing campaigns are contributing to more enquiries, design appointments, sales, and ultimately profit for the business owner. And we have the evidence to back this up.

Read on and we’ll explain our findings from running hundreds of different remarketing ads in the KBB retails space. If you’re a retailer who’s looking to grow their sales, this is gold…

In this industry, it’s uncommon that a person will land on a website for the first time, enquire, book a design appointment and purchase a kitchen without considering any other companies or solutions. In fact, in this long buying journey, your prospects will go to many, many websites before making a decision on who they buy from.

From the wide array of data that we have access to (pulled from our clients across the country), we have compiled some interesting stats…

The Answers: How Well Does Remarketing Work?

First-Time Visitors

First, let’s look at the conversion rates of people that visit a KBB website for the first time.

From the data we have access to, we see that people who visit a website for the first time convert at 0.52%. This means that for every 1,000 visitors that land on your website, you’ll get 5 enquiries.

Result: 0.52% conversion on the first visit

Second-Time Visitors

For people that take just two visits to your website, the results are far more interesting. Staggeringly, second-time visitors convert at, on average, 1.04%. This is DOUBLE the rate of first-time visitors!

This means that the simple act of getting someone back to your website for a second time means your chances of them enquiring are double, which is a compelling reason to implement some form of remarketing by itself.

Result: 1.04% conversion on second visit

Third-Time Visitors

When it comes to a prospect revisiting your website for a third time, the results dip slightly. There could be numerous causes for this, but the overriding factor is that they are still 61% more likely to convert into a web enquiry at 0.84% conversion rate.

Result: 0.84% conversion on third visit

Fourth-Time Visit

Fourth-time visits, according to our extensive pool of data, convert strongly at a rate of 0.94%, meaning 9 people out of every 1,000 will convert into an enquiry, conservatively speaking.

Our predictions are that by this fourth visit, users are starting to get a little deeper into the site and researching kitchen styles, images, blog post and more content that they like. This is where it pays for your site to have useful, relevant and helpful pages with lots of imagery (including galleries) that gives the user the opportunity to spend more time on your site.

Result: 0.94% conversion on the fourth visit

Fifth-Time Visit

Fifth-time visitors to KBB websites across the board convert at 0.76%, slightly down on third and fourth-time visitors, but still significantly improved on first-time visitors by 46.1%.

Result: 0.76% conversion on fifth visit

The Remarketing Data Test Summarised

To wrap this up in an easy-to-understand way, we’ve summarised it in a few lines to help you understand why remarketing across the Google Display Network and Facebook Ads is so valuable…

1st time visitors = 0.52% (5 web enquiries per 1,000 web visitors)

2nd time visitors = 1.04% (10 per 1,000)

3rd time visitors = 0.84% (8 per 1,000)

4th time visitors = 0.96% (9 per 1,000)

5th time visitors = 0.76% (7 per 1,000)

If it wasn’t clear why you should be implementing strong remarketing campaigns across the Google Display Network and also Facebook ads, it should be now.

It’s insights like these that we can bring to your marketing activity. Working exclusively in the KBB sector, we have unrivalled insights into the buying journeys of consumers, and we can bring that to your business.

Not only that, we offer all of our clients area exclusivity, meaning we won’t work with any of your local competition, as well as offering a guarantee on results.

If you’d like to discuss what we can do for your business, give us a call on 0121 405 6780, or alternatively email us on info@flo-marketing.co.uk.

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