How To Create Great Content For Your Kitchen Business…

Competition isn’t something new in the Kitchen and Bathroom industry. It’s not uncommon that your prospect is lining you up along with 3 or 4 other options, and the knowledge, expertise and trust you purvey through your marketing can often be the deal clincher.

So how can you set yourself apart from other front-runners and come out on top in the race for a sale?

This problem, more often than not, can be solved by one thing. That thing?



Here’s a phrase that was first coined by American direct response marketer, Frank Kern…

“Your income is directly proportionate to the amount of value you bring to the market place”

And that’s what creating great content lets you do; provide more value than any of your competition and gives you expert authority in the market place, above other kitchen and bathroom brands.


So what do we mean by ‘value’?

Value in marketing is defined by information that you can impart to your audience that they will find useful and can use to make decisions.


So how can you deliver more value to people looking for a new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom?

Well, there’s plenty of ways, but it all starts with finding out exactly what it is that people want to know, and you can do that by carrying out some keyword research using a tool like Google keyword planner, Moz or SEMrush.


So, whilst that’s interesting, why does this help?

Firstly, it gives you a set of questions to answer. Creating great content is all very well, but you need to have a purpose, and answering questions that no one is asking is just plain silly!

That’s because getting found on Google and other big search engines is imperative, and providing solid content for search terms like the ones you find in the tools listed above will see your website steadily climb the rankings.


So, how do you create good blog content and how do you structure it?

1.Start at the start – you want a solid introduction to your piece. Sum up what you’re going to talk about in the blog and why.

2. Use lists – lists are easy to consume, and some of the best blog posts are the ones that are ‘5 ways to…’ etc.

3. Images are key – a blog post with huge blocks of text will get a high bounce rate, so use lots of images to help your readers engage with your piece.

4. Go deep into your topic – don’t be afraid to get specific. Many blog posts are so general that the user doesn’t learn anything, and hence don’t get any value from it. Go into details that your competitors wouldn’t.


How can you optimise your content for SEO purposes?

Here’s a quick checklist of the top things you can do to optimise your blog post for organic search…

1.Choose a keyword or phrase and use it about 4 or 5 times, once in the opening paragraph. Your whole piece should be centred around this phrase.

2. Alt tags – make sure all of your images have alt tags of 3 or 4 words explaining exactly what is in the image.

3. Blog length – aim to write 600 to 800 words. This sounds like a lot, but putting in the extra effort to create a lengthy, detailed post will not only score you big points with Google, your competitors won’t be doing it!

4. Use internal links – search engines will reward you for using internal links, which are essentially links in the blog to other pages on your website, such as the ‘contact us’ page and ‘view our gallery here’.


This is all very well, but I’m stuck for ideas on what to write about.

Ok, ok. So we want to always deliver as much value as we can in our blog posts too, so, listed below are some titles of articles that you could use to help you create some great content…

A Tour Of Our Showroom

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10 Fitted Kitchens We’ve Installed In [INSERT LOCATION]


So, there you have it. A quick and simple lesson in creating content for your audience with some ideas to get you started.

As always, make sure you give us a call or an email if you are struggling with producing content – we’ll be happy to help!

There’s plenty more useful content where this came from, too, and you can see that over on our blog page here.

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