Why You Should Be Advertising On Facebook

There are currently around 45 million Facebook users in the UK alone and you can guarantee that the vast majority of your potential customers will use the social media platform frequently. To spell it out for you; if you’re not advertising on Facebook at the moment, you’re missing out big time! Missing out on opportunities to grow awareness of your business with highly-relevant audiences, missing out on opportunities to generate new enquiries and ultimately missing out on sales.

You see, us Britons spend almost 25% of our mobile internet usage time on Facebook and the incredible volume of mobile users who visit Facebook every day make using the platform as part of your overall marketing strategy an absolute essential. It’s one of those things which is a complete no-brainer.

But, despite its huge user base, adverting on Facebook provides a way to be incredibly focused and specific with your targeting and messaging. The social network has a huge amount of intelligence and information on its users that extends way beyond the personal data required to have an account. Facebook advertising’s targeting options make it one of the most sophisticated of any digital platforms out there. So, whether you want to target people based on their age, their location, their income or, more relevantly, whether they’re currently looking for a new kitchen or bathroom, you’re guaranteed that your brand and message are getting in front of exactly the right people every day.

Put simply, it’s the usership combined with super-detailed targeting that make Facebook Advertising critical for any business serious about growing and maximising the return on their digital marketing investments.

Facebook Remarketing: Helping You Make More Sales.

Any good marketing strategy has to communicate and engage with potential customers at every stage of their buying journey and across various devices and platforms. Facebook Advertising, as well as being very effective at creating awareness with new, in-market consumers during the earlier stages of their buying journey, is also crucial to engaging with potential customers at the later stages in their consideration process. In an industry where customer buying journeys are long and thoroughly researched and considered, this is paramount!

Facebook remarketing allows you to target people who have already visited your website and who have already showed an interest in your products and services. This allows you to present them with a message which is more relevant to them as they come closer to making a decision and will drive return visitors to your website. Return visitors who are considerably more likely to convert into leads than first-time visitors. If you’re failing to remarket to in-market audiences, you’re missing out on chances to re-engage, strengthen relationships and get people into your showroom.

And, while Facebook advertising can be used more generally to promote the ranges and services you offer as a business, it can also be used more thoughtfully to achieve specific goals. For example, you can:

– Effectively showcase your entire kitchen range. Carousel Ads are a great way to promote your kitchen range on Facebook. The carousal ad format allows you to prominently display a range of kitchen units in a user’s News Feed and direct them straight to the range’s dedicated page on your website.

– Promote a specific unit. If you have a particular unit you’re looking to sell, consider using a video ad to maximise visibility and increase demand for that particular unit.

– Boost your conquest efforts. If your market share locally is strong, Lookalike Audience targeting allows you to expand your reach and get your message in front of consumers who show close and significant similarities to those of your existing customers.

– Custom campaigns. Whether it’s a sales events or the arrival of a new range, a dedicated Facebook
advertising campaign will help grow awareness and generate interest amongst in-market audiences.

Going forward, it’s crucial to ensure that you’ve allocated funds for Facebook advertising. Combining Facebook Ads with other channels such as paid search, retargeting and display advertising will help you to maximise the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy, maximise ROI and exceed your sales targets.

Using Facebook Advertising and want to share your experiences? Maybe you want to know more? Or perhaps it’s something you’ve been considering for a little while but haven’t got round to implementing yet?

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