Do Print Ads Work for KBB Retailers?

In years gone by, retailers would plough marketing budget into local glossy magazines in the hope of increasing footfall in their showrooms. Some retailers are still doing it today.

The unfortunate truth is that the world has moved on in the last few years, but we speak to so many people who are still spending large sums of money on print advertising, often without any idea if it actually works.

Now, there isn’t a ‘yes or no’ answer to this question – each advert and advertising channel should be judged on the results it generates. However, the most worrying thing is that most KBB retailers who invest in print advertising have no idea if the huge sums of money are justified because of inferior (or non-existent) tracking!

In this video, I’m going to explain a quick method of understanding how effective your different pieces of marketing really are. Enjoy!

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