70% Increase in Sales...

...for The Brighton Kitchen Company.

Chris Burton _ The Brighton Kitchen Company

Success through implementing a proven marketing formula...

In the first half of 2019, we have increased the traffic to the Brighton Kitchen company’s website by 195%. We’ve increased enquiry numbers by 60%, increased the number of sales they are making by 85% and, most importantly, increased their sales revenue by a huge 70%.

Awareness, Traffic, and Conversion.

Awareness is important because if people don’t know who you are, it’s unlikely that they will ever consider you for their new kitchen. We’ve been building awareness of TBKC using channels such as the Google Display Network, Facebook Ads and Google Search Ads.

If you want to increase sales, it’s important that the right traffic is hitting your website. We’ve put in a lot of hard work through Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation to make sure that when people are searching relevant terms, we’re appearing high up on those search results pages.

Website conversion is also key. We’ve implemented various strategies across the website in order to drive up enquiry levels, such as a lead magnet, more visible call to actions, an increased number of case studies and valuable blog posts to elevate the authority of the brand.

Strategy and Consistency.

Before we started working with The Brighton Kitchen Company, it’s fair to say that they didn’t have any effective marketing in place. They invested sporadically in Google Ads, and they had a non-KBB specialist marketing company taking care of their SEO (which they were actually investing heavily in with little results).

Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon that a KBB retailer will be investing in some marketing and not getting results. This is mostly because there is no strategy or consistency to anything that they are doing, and it hurts results, hugely.

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The Statistics.

The facts and figures behind The Brighton Kitchen Company's success...

195% increase in traffic.

60% increase in enquiries.

70% increase in sales.

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