Two Fundamental Marketing Metrics That KBB Retailers Should Not Ignore

Website traffic and conversion by Flo Marketing

Most KBB business owners don’t implement as much marketing as they should. Sometimes this is because the world of marketing (which is changing at an astonishing rate) can be confusing and over-complicated, leading to frustration and overwhelm, which in turn leads to starting campaigns but never actually finishing them. The truth is that marketing doesn’t need to be … Read more

Use Your Brochure To Win More Customers

Brochure for business by Flo Marketing

Take a look at the website of any given KBB retailer, and you’ll most likely see the words ‘Book a Design Appointment’ branded boldly across the site. Whilst design appointments, consultations and home visits are imperative in moving forward with a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom project, it’s much too much of a commitment for even … Read more